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Comfort Series

For pipes diameter 40/50/63/70/75 with lengths from 100 to 300 meters.
Excellent for sporting fields and professional hobbyist

Very versatile automatic hard hose reel in a small size. The ideal partner for anyone wanting to use the great benefits of this irrigation system on small plots.

It is a very practical and handy machine which will allow for specific use on sports fields and in the professional hobby sector.

Standard Equipment:
– Hot galvanizing frame & drum
– Turntable frame
– Driven by partialized water turbine
– Cast iron turbine flanged on gear-box
– Oil filled gear box with PTO
– Automatic brake;
– Controller for speed electronic adjustment
– Manometer
– Sprinkler with nozzles’ series
– Sprinkler cart with adjustable track
– 4 m flexible hose with couplings
– Safety hand wheel for PTO shaft
– Automatic stop at the rewinding end
– Automatic cart lifting
– Endless screw style hose guide system
– Drawbar eye
– Rear anchoring legs with handle
– Chassis with adjustable track
– CE mark and certification

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