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E-Sport Series

For pipes diameter 32/40/50/63 with lengths from 75 to 200 meters.
Recommended for small lawns & arenas

This irrigator is able to water an area without the need for a pressure driven wind-up mechanism. The research for an autonomous and eco-sustainable irrigation system not subject to water flow and pressure variables to irrigate and able to work with any type of liquid, even with the presence of solid parts, has led Irriland to design a machine completely activated by an electric motor powered by solar energy. A series of batteries powered by solar panels allow you to operate 24/7, 365 days a year.

Standard Equipment:
– Hot galvanized frame & drum
– Automatic brake
– Manometer
– Automatic stop at end of run
– 2 wheeled sprinkler cart
– Sprinkler with selection of nozzles
– Automatic lifting of the sprinkler cart from working to shifting position
– 2m flexible hose with coupling
– Draw bar for tractor
– Endless screw hose guide system
– CE mark and certification
– Solar energy driven with batteries
– Electric motor
– 4 speed selection switch

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