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Silver Series

For pipes diameter 50/63/70/75/82/90/100/110 with lengths from 100 to 400 meters.
One of the more common sizes for crop irrigation

The automatic hard hose reel designed for the specific requirements of a small farm. Compact in its dimensions and practical in its simplicity of use, it can easily be transported in any conditions.

Its great reliability and long service life make it unbeatable in irrigating every kind of crop.

Standard Equipment:

- Hot galvanized frame & drum
- Turntable frame
- Driven by partialized water turbine
- Cast iron turbine flanged on gear-box
- Oil filled multispeed gear box with PTO shaft
- Automatic brake
- Electronic speed indicator
- Manometer
- Sprinkler with assortment of nozzles
- Sprinkler cart with adjustable track and height
- 4 m flexible hose with couplings
- Safety hand wheel for PTO shaft
- Speed compensator on independent by-pass
- Automatic stop at the rewinding end
- Automatic cart lifting
- Speed adjustment on independent by pass
- Endless screw hose guide system
- Adjustable height of the draw hook
- Chassis with adjustable height and two lateral front legs
- CE mark and certification

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